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The Staff

Name: Lizzie
Age: Nineteen (19)
Country: United States
About: The most basic fact about me is that I live and breathe Doctor Who. And I'm very proud of that fact. When I'm not fangirling over DW, I can be found reading or watching television shows, such as The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, and Firefly, or endlessly decorating my bedroom and writing incomplete novels.

Previous staff: Angela, Hannah, Colleen

The Site

Site Name: Loving Liana
About: Liana Daine Liberato
Launched: August 9th 2008
Host: Heidur
Staff: Lizzie
Status: Unofficial
Contact: Form, Email
Other Links: Gallery, Twitter

Loving Liana was opened on August 9th 2008 by Angela, Hannah, and Colleen, three friends who were huge fans of Liana. Unfortunately, the girls were too busy offline to keep up with their fansites. Angela put the site up for adoption and I, Lizzie, took it over in late 2009. The site has gone through various hiatuses over the years but as of 2013, has remained the leading source for all things Liana Liberato! I hope to continue to provide Liana fans, old and new, a fun, interactive experience as they learn about Liana and keep up with her exploding career.

The Current Layout

The images featured in the current layout were shot by Isaac Sterling for Zooey Magazine and Stella Berkofsky for Aritzia. The social media icons linking to Liana's official accounts were made by Voythas.

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