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"She's very still naturally, and stillness is an asset for film."
Trisha Simmons (Liana's private acting coach)

"She made me climb a tree!"
Hannah Marks (Actress) (About Liana's activeness)

"When Hannah's anxieties overwhelm her, which is not infrequently, we need a Liana fix."
Nova Marks (Hannah's mother)

"It's unusual to find an actress Liana's age, who can actually play her own age realistically. Usually, you have to cast someone several years older. Liana has both the maturity to work hard and the freshness to play eleven. She's fantastic."
Bill Corcoran (Director of Safe Harbour)

"We former child actors are very watchful over child actors we're working with, so I was very protective of Liana."
Melissa Gilbert (Liana's Safe Harbour costar)

"She's so bright, but she also can be so vulnerable and yet tough, too. With all the tools that she has, she's going to have a great career."
Brad Johnson (Liana's Safe Harbour costar)

"Liana Liberato was 10 when I made her cry..she was working on a series for FOX-TV and the director was instructing her to 'be sadder, be sadder..' but somehow that direction wasnít producing the desired results. Her mother, Rhondelle, was willing to give me some 'triggers'; details of her real life that I could surprise her with and tweek just right so that they could break Liana's heart if she were able to suspend disbelief and 'use them'. She did, they did, and the director was happy; as was Liana!"
Crystal Carson (Acting Coach)

"Liana Liberato who plays Cadi was an absolute find. She had done very little work. I've always been very blessed with great kids in my films."
Michael Landon jr.

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