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Liana Liberato
Creative Artists Agency
Union Status: SAG
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Green
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110 lbs.


Stuck in Love                        Principal/Kate            Informant Media/Dir:Josh Boone

Free Ride                              Lead/MJ                   Abberation Films/Dir:Shana Sosin

Erased                                  Lead/Amy Logan       Transfilm/Dir:Philipp Stolzl

Trespass                               Lead/Avery Miller      Millenium Films/Dir:Joel Schumacher

Trust                                    Lead/Annie Cameron      Millenium Films/Dir:David Schwimmer

Danielle Steel's Safe Harbour   Lead/Pip                  New Line/Dir:Bill Corcoran

The Last Sin Eater                  Lead/Cadi Forbes      FOX/Dir. Michael Landon Jr.


Sons of Anarchy                    TOS Guest Star        FX

House                                    TOS Guest Star        FOX/Dir. Matt Shakman

The Inside                              TOS Guest Star        FOX/Dir. Karen Gaviola

CSI: Miami                             TOS Guest Star        CBS/Dir: Joe Chappelle

Cold Case                               Guest Star               CBS/Dir: Paris Barclay

Misconceptions (Pilot)             Series Regular          Network Test/WB

Best Laid Plans (Pilot)              Series Regular          Network Test/WB

Ben 10 TV Movie                     Lead                       Network Test/CartoonNetwork


Galveston ├ČThe Musical├«           Lead                       Strand Street Theatre

Oliver                                      Ensemble                Strand Street Theatre

Sleeping Beauty                       Supporting             Strand Street Theatre

Guys and Dolls Jr.                    Ensemble                O'Connell Theatre

Dickens on the Strand              Supporting             Street Stage


New York Times Magazine         Cover                    June 04, 2006


Character Development/Private: Susan Batson

Scene Study: Bjorn Johnson

Film Audition Technique/Private: David Wells

Dialect: Paul Meier

Film Audition Technique/Private: Sally Piper

Musical Theater

Strand School for the Performing Arts, Galveston, TX

TVI Young Actors Academy

Professional Intensive, Los Angeles


Southern, British, Welsh

Sports and Skills

Singing, Surfing, Swimming, Diving, Kayak, Snorkel, Water Polo, Snow Ski, Ice Skating, Volleyball, Tennis, Softball, Rollerblade, Bicycle, Fishing, Basketball, Baseball, Horseback Riding, Sprinting, Trampoline, Jump Rope, Hand Stand, Cartwheel, Rope Climbing, Rollercoaster, Hula Hoop, Yoga, Headstand, Learning to Water Ski

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