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"I've been kidnapped. I'm being held hostage. It will take $10 to get me back."
(Leaving a message on the cell phone of friend Hannah Marks)

"My character falls down because her mom lets the rope slide through her hands. I actually only fell part of the way, about four feet, then they caught me. After that, I had a stunt double. They put a wig on her. They told me I wasn't really trained to do that kind of thing."
(About her rock climbing stunt in House)

"I don't want to give it away, but they spend the rest of the time trying to figure it out. That's what 'House' is all about."
(About her episode of House)

"In one scene when he was talking to me, he came out wearing a clown nose. It was so hard not to laugh. He is so serious, and then he came out wearing that clown nose. He is hilarious in real life."
(On House costar Hugh Laurie)

"Now Iím hooked on it."
(About being hooked on House after starring in an episode)

"It was neat working with Michael Landon Jr. because, after that, I was in a movie with Melissa Gilbert called 'Safe Harbor' which we shot in the spring of last year."

"Melissa Gilbert was incredibly nice. We went to her house and met her family before we shot the movie."

"Melissa called us and asked us if we wanted to stay with her to make sure we'd be OK. She was so sweet. Our apartment didn't burn, but the hills were burned, and there are no trees anymore."
(About the wildfires in California)

"We will see what comes up in the next auditions. I'm just looking forward to my next job."
(On her next trip to LA for auditions - 2006)

"To be part of a program that actually teaches Be Safe information across the country and offers the best protective device available, if that's what being an actor is like, I chose the right profession"
(About serving on the board of AmberWatch Foundation)

"Acting is my passion, and I think that's being a kid"

"(Pip) is a little girl just trying to make the best of life."
(About her Safe Harbour character)

"Pip is a very caring person, she loves her family and so she becomes a bit of a matchmaker between her mother and Matt."
(About her Safe Harbour character)

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