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Who is Liana?
Liana is a talented young actress from Galveston, TX.

How old is she?
Liana is 19 years old.

Where have I seen her?
You may recognize Liana from her roles in the movies The Last Sin Eater, Safe Harbour, Trust, or Stuck in Love, her television guest appearances in the shows The Inside, Cold Case, CSI:Miami, House MD, and Sons of Anarchy, or from Miley Cyrus' music video 7 Things.

Are you Liana?
No. This is not Liana's official site. This is simply a fansite. We are not affiliated with Liana, her family, her management, or agency.

What is Liana's phone number/address/email...?
We are not in contact with Liana. We don't know any of this information and even if we did, it wouldn't be given out. If you would like to contact Liana or request an autograph, you can write a letter to her agency.

Does Liana know about this site?
Liana does know about the site. She follows us on Twitter and is very supportive of our efforts to keep her fans updated about her career.

I found a Twitter/Facebook that claims to be Liana. Is it her?
Maybe not. Her Twitter can be found here and her Facebook page is here. She also has an Instagram and a WhoSay. Any and all others are just pretending to be her.

How can I contact Liana?
Check Contact Liana

If you have any other questions about Liana, you can contact us here.

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