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Name: Liana Daine Liberato
Current Age: 19
Birth Date: August 20th 1995
Birth Place: Galveston, Texas
Currently Resides: Los Angeles, California
Parents: George and Rhondelle Liberato
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde (natural), currently brown
Height: 5'7"


- Liana's middle name is Daine.
- She is from Galveston, Texas.
- She was featured in the cover story of the June 4, 2006 New York Times Magazine and her picture was on the cover.
- Liana had a stunt double for one of her scenes in house. They had to put a wig on her.
- Since appearing in House, she is now hooked on the show.
- Liana is home schooled.
- When Liana was 3 she started doing community musical theater.
- Liana completed a professional, 26-show run in "Galveston, the Musical," when she was 7.
- Before filming Safe Harbour with Melissa Gilbert, Liana went to her house and met her family.
- While working on Safe Harbour, Melissa Gilbert was very protectective of Liana, being a former child actress herself.
- Liana instantly liked her character Pip in Safe Harbour.
- Liana's style is more laid-back; her competitiveness comes out only at auditions.
- Is friends with fellow actress Hannah Marks.
- Michael Landon Jr. directed Liana in her first feature, The Last Sin Eater.
- Liana attended her first audition for Cold Case and had the job the very next day.
- Liana loves to play softball.
- She enjoys swimming.
- Liana likes to have sleepovers at her friends.
- Loves to play with her dog.
- Liana likes watching Disney channel.
- Liana is happy to read scripts as much as ten times, especially if it involves animals.
- She took a popular improv class with the actors Glenn Withrow and his wife Hallie Todd, who run In House Media, a full-service studio.
- One day in class, Glenn announced the setting for an acting exercise: a mental hospital. He whispered an affliction to each student. Liana suffered from a tic.
- Liana serves on the board of AmberWatch Foundationwhich distributes to at-risk American kids those watches that can sound a piercing alarm when the child is in danger of abduction or molestation
- Liana says she was drawn to acting because she's so impressed by the good works many actors do -- as in Bono and Leonardo DiCaprio and Oprah Winfrey addressing medical and educational problems in Africa, Angelina Jolie and her work on behalf of refugees, on and on.
- Her role models are Dakota Fanning and Hilary Duff.
- She is a huge fan of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.
- Liana knows how to play guitar. Her and her friends have "hoedowns" where they get together and play music.
- When she was filming the volleyball championship scene in Trust, they had to lower the net for her because she kept running into it.

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