Variety Interview From ‘The Best of Me’ Premiere Oct 09

Liberato, like the rest of the cast, is a fan of Sparks’ books and isn’t afraid to admit to shedding the occasional tear when reading them.

“Of course I’m a fan, I’m a 19-year-old girl,” Liberato said. “Reading the script I was sitting alone in my room and the tears were definitely flowing.”

One of the attractions for fans, one would assume, will be the opportunity to spend two hours with both Marsden and Bracey on the big screen, two of Hollywood’s most dashing leading men. As for who’s the better looking of the two, Liberato had a qualified answer.

“It’s so hard because they’re both so cute,” Liberato said. “But I spent a lot of time with Luke, so I’m going to have to go with Luke. But I will say I did pick (this movie) for a scene with James, and I didn’t get it. But I’m still trying.”

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‘The Best of Me’ Press Junket Interviews Oct 09

Interviews from the first couple days of press for The Best of Me are starting to surface. Here’s the ones I’ve found so far:

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‘The Best of Me’ World Premiere Photos Oct 08

The world premiere of The Best of Me was held just last night, October 7th, in Los Angeles. Of course, Liana was there along with her cast mates! I’ve just finished adding over 230 pictures from the premiere to the gallery. Check them out and enjoy!

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‘The Best of Me’ Set Interview Oct 08

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‘If I Stay’ to be Released on Blu-ray in November Oct 06

Good news! You will be able to bring If I Stay sooner rather than later! It will be heading to disc on November 18th and the film is now available for pre-order on Blu-ray and DVD on Amazon. No word yet on what, if any, special features there will be, however the Blu-ray includes the DVD and Digital Copy as well. Be sure to grab your copy!

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‘Young Hollywood’ Portrait Book Launch Oct 03

Liana has been quite busy these days, so I apologise for the lack of consistent updates! We are officially two weeks away from the release of The Best of Me!! Are you getting excited yet?!

Last night, Liana attended the launch of Claiborne Swanson Frank’s new portrait book titled Young Hollywood in Beverly Hills. If you remember, Claiborne shot Liana for the September issue of Vanity Fair—which happened to be a Young Hollywood feature!—so she was out supporting this amazing photographer she’s worked with. =) I love Liana’s look for the event! 23 images are now available in the gallery from it. In addition, 2 images have been added from an event that she attended early in September; during New York Fashion Week, she was spotted at the Diane von Furstenberg After Show Dinner. One of the pictures is tagged but hopefully, an untagged version will pop up shortly!

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